Bangladesh Cinematographers Society (BCS)


     Introduction :


    We are the Cameraman working  in Bangladesh Cinematographers Society           

       (BCS)   B,F,D,C. Tejgoan, Dhaka-1208. Cinematographers hes been feeling for a whole accepted welfare

       Organization form   long time ago for made unity-disciplined with each other. Any problem could be    

       solved through co-operation with each- other, This Organization has made for the solve any problem and activated

        welfare activities of Cinematographers .

        It will maintained as non-political Organization following of Government’s rules and constitution.


     1.Name of Organization :


A)   The name of this Organization will be “ Bangladesh Cinematographers Society” in summarize’(BCS),

B)   Organization will mean in the several stages of constitution is “ Bangladesh Cinematographers Society”

     2,  Office

          Temporary, office of Organization will be situated in the film development

           corporation, Next time if necessary, Office will be transferred through the decision

           of the executive council.

      3, Purpose


A)   To be made unity. disciplined , intimacy, brotherhood and solidarity and

make welfare among the Cinematographers .                                             


B)   To be helped and assists among the general members of the Organization.


C)   To be developed of working place for the interest of nation and social



D)   To be competitive in the world art through develop self working place and

national properties .


E)    To be situated “ A film Education Center” and “ Film Library” takes  steps

for created common interesting industry , practical knowledge and activated    

 this knowledge through developing works and limited knowledge of     

 Cinematographers .

F)    Discussion , Meeting and Seminar should be help for interchange of created art,

thinking and reality developing among the Cinematographers persons. 

G)   Planning special program and activated this for developing all the stage of 

Film Industry.

H)   If any  Cinematographers become carious sickness or died, the Organization

should be given economical helped or donated one-time economical helped to the members.



i)               Trust and fund will be make for welfare work.

ii)             To be connection setting , Assistant and combination with social welfare

Organization Institution.      

    4 .       Member  

      a)      There shall be two kinds member , Such as permanent and assist members.

      b)      Film ,Data , TV , Photojournalist , Fixed image and others cultural person

               could application for membership to be  Organization .

c)           It should application with collected prescribed from of Organization and 

Bio- Data.

d)          Application could submitted to the Organization with Prescribed application

from with necessary Bio- data and 5,000/- (Five thousand) tk. from the 


e)           Membership will be approved through interview by executive council .

f)           Application should installed 25,000 /- (twenty five thousand ) tk, to the 

Organization after the passed interview on the interview board for assist membership certificate .

     5.   Promoted permanent member from Assist member

     A)  Permanent membership will given for assist member of 2 full movie which

           clearance by Sensor board.

     6. Subscriptions

         A) permanent and assist member should given tk-600/-(six hundred) per yearly.

         B) Yearly subscriptions could be paid through two installments.

         C)  Member should be paid tk.1200/- (one thousand two hundred) with fine tk.

                600/-(six hundred),if any members could  failed to pay his subscription

               within the year. Otherwise his membership with voting power and others

              facilities will be suspend . Application should be submitted according the

              rules of organization for again membership .

      7. Right of permanent members

          A) Join in general meeting ,voting ,Proposed and giving support power .

         B)  Name proposed and giving support for executive council member election .

         C)  Participation in election , Responsibilities should maintained for elected in any

               designation of executive council .

         D) Participation on the seminar by organization .

         E) Others facilities could exercise according to the law of Organization .


      8) Bank Account

           A) Two account could open for the Organization in any schedule bank with the 

                 Agreement of the general members’ .One of the current account and others of

                 Them Deposit savings account.


9)    Current account

A)   Income of each day of Organization will deposited on the current account.

B)   All the cost of each day of Organization will bear by through this account.

C)   Bank statement will received for this account on each six month, which

will submit to the general meeting .


      10. Deposit savings account.

              A) After the cost maintained of each year, remaining cash of the Organization

                    Or any donated money will deposited on this savings account.

              B) Minimum 90% member’s agreement and signature will essential for      

                    Withdrawal for certain time from this account.


      11. Withdrawal from both banks   

              A) Withdrawn from both banks with signature of two among three of President/

                    General secretary/ Financial secretary. Then chairman’s signature should                                                             

                     Essential among  of two.

            B) If any one among three become sick , paralysis/working inability/died, then

                 others members will replaced in the meeting foe giving signing power in



       12. Finance cost 

             A)      President/ General secretary/ Financial secretary with jointly agreement

                       could suddenly withdrawn maximum tk.5,000/-(five thousand) from the

                       bank and expend for the emergency cause without approval of executive

                       Council. Thin this bill should passed in the executive council meeting

                        Within three working days.


       13. Disbursement of Fixed deposit money

           A) All the permanent members are the owner of the fixed deposit money.

             B) Profit of the fixed deposit could disbursed among the members with stay of

                  fixed deposit . Which will named as medical advance.


        14. Donation in Medical Sector

            A) At a time tk. 10,000/- (Ten thousand) will disbursed as medical donation

                 among permanent members of Organization from profit of fixed deposit.

   B)  Which members has received tk. 10.000/- (ten thousand) only in withdrawn

     from fixed deposit in 2015,they will not qualified for receiving any amount 

     from fixed deposit in 2nd time withdrawn . Whose did not received in 1st time,

     they will only qualified for receiving TK. 10.000/-  (ten thousand) only as

     medical donation. All the permanent members could get profit of fixed deposit

     by rotation until remaining fixed deposit .


        15 . Donation in Expensive Medical Sector

               A) TK.10.000/-(ten thousand) only could donated to the serious affected patient

                     for medical treatment without approval of executive committee through        

                     checking all the documents of hospital about treatment . If any permanent 

                      member become serious sick such as cancer/ Hart Operation/ paralyzed/

                     Eye Operation etc and submit application to the Organization. But One 

                     member will not get this expensive medical donation excess of one time.


        16. Donation for Died

             A) Any member will not submit application for died donation, If submit

                     application before died that will not grant.

               B) TK.10.000/-(ten thousand) only could donate to permanent members and

                    Associate members after died of Organization for after died primary funeral/

                   janaza.  Member of the executive should handover this money to the family

                   members of died Organization member after known the died news.


        17. Fiscal year

               Fiscal year treated from 1 July to next year 30 Jun of Organization Fiscal year.


       18. Duration time of Executive council

     A) One duration time of executive council treated as each two fiscal year of the


     B) Election should completed within June .

     C)  President and General Secretary should not continuously stay in power

           excess of two duration. They could participate in election after breaking of

           one duration time. Then he could participate on other position.



       19. Principles


              A)  Only cinematographers could be members of this Organization and

                    Maintaining by cinematographers  only.

             B) Any person could become honorary member through the agreement of all

                  Members for the interest of the  Organization.

             C) Honor could be given to any members through greetings.

             D) Annual report should be submitted before general election on the general 


             E)  Executive committee should broken before the general election. Previous

                   president will be maintenance all the activities and election and all the power

                   and documents handover to the new  Executive committee in swiftly of the

                   Organization after the election  result.

F)    Executive committee should meet in the meeting on each 2nd Sutter day each

English month. Executive committee should meet in the meeting on Friday

after each six month. And meet in yearly meeting on June in general meeting.

G)   Any emergency meeting could be activated in three days notice and if       

Necessary. Then emergency meeting could be activated in 24 hours notice.

H)   Two third members should attain on  the general meeting.

I)     Sub-Committee could be formed in necessary.

J)     Income – Expenditure accounts should submit on the general meeting.

K)   Life members could be honored of any members through general meeting.

Life member will not pay subscriptions.

L)    Honorable life members could not become members of executive council.

Then he has right for giving vote in executive council election. He could

become members of any committee with the approval by  executive council

and President.

M)  Any profitable fogram arrange lick that film institute center, races center,

sheering and identity motivation etc arrange the  Organization.

N)   Any profitable fogram arrange the Organization.

O)   Any members could left the Organization through self motivation , But he

should handover all the responsibilities.


P)    Could want explanation, finally allowed, suspended and any legal action

against any members, any officer on the basis of his fault through the agreement of 95% attaining members on the meeting of the Organization.


         20. Organizational Structure

                 A) There have two council in the Organization.

                  1. General Council.

                  2.  Executive Council.

                B)  Executive Committee could formed several committee if necessary.

         21. General Council

              A)  All the members will treated as the member of General Council.

                B)  Executive Council should formed through voting of members of

                      General Council.

         22. Executive Council

              A) Executive Council will formed by following members.

                      President-1, Vice- president-1, General Secretary-1, Vice-general Secretary

                      -1, Finance Secretary-1, Office and publication Secretary-1,                                     

                     Cultural Secretary-1, Foreign Affairs Secretary-1, Organizational Secretary 

                     -1, Executive Council members-6.

               B)  There have to 15 members in executive council. These members no will

                     Increase and decrease through annual meeting.

               C)  Newly elected members of executive council should take oath by the chairman                                     f                   of election commission for taking responsibilities.

         23.  Oath is following

               I……………….is newly elected member of executive council of Bangladesh

                  Cinematographers society. I am taking oath through on name of allah, I will 

                  save the interest of Bangladesh Cinematographers society  without any angry

                  and affection and I shall obeyed my responsibilities with properly. I am

                  Promising that I shall save of all the secrecy of the Organization with

                  obeying to the activities of the Organization. Amin.

         24.  Power of Executive

              A) Executive Council will decided about principle of the Organization and

                    maintenance all the administrative work.

             B) Essential steps should taken for vision activated and obeying rules of the


             C) Blank post should fulfilled within 60 days through nomination by executive


             D) Executive committee could appointed employee, suspended and discharged

                  of the Organizations employee.

             E) Could formed internal audit committee and appointed extremely audit team

                  for auditing the accounts of Organization.

             F) Could formed budget and transferred fund from one sector to others sector.

             G) Could adopted any welfare programs and activated for the employee of the




     Instruction of Third Amendment of Constitution




    Some new Para, Article , Sub-article changed, Turnaround and Expansion has 


     activated for the necessary of time of publicized by executive council members


     for the interest of new executive council of Organization-2013 Christianity .  


   Constitution has re- published with approved and amended constitution .


                    All the activities of Constitution will maintained through new   


        publicized Constitution







           Executive Council 2013

           Bangladesh Cinematographers Society (BCS)

             B,F,D,C. Tejgoan, Dhaka-1208